Lash Lift & Tinting


Lash Lift & Tinting

Training Classes for Atomic Lash

Course For Lash Lifts & Tinting


1 Day Total

3 hrs. of training

9am -12 pm

Class Price: $400

Classes can be reserved with a 50% deposit ($200), the balance ($200) due on start date.

Student is provided a Kit to use while training.

A model is required for practical training (usually the last hour of class)


Course Curriculum includes:


  • Sanitation

  • Safety Precautions for chemicals used on eyes.

  • Cleansing the Lashes and Preparation for chemical applications

  • Proper identification and usage of Lash Lift chemicals, Adhesives, Tint chemicals, and implements used for applications and why

  • Color Mixing and Matching

  • Performance on doll head

  • Performance on Live Model

  • Lash Lift Theory, Lash Tint Theory and Quiz

  • Reversal and/ or Removal


  • Trainee is required to bring at least one model for last hour of course  

  • End of course- Certification of Completion of Lash Lift/ Tinting will be presented at that time

  • Trainee will be provided information on where to acquire materials trained on




  • Completion of this course and certification is not a guarantee of job placement and Atomic Lash reserves the right to select trainee(s) if there is an opening and trainee will blend seamlessly into the Atomic Lash Dolls environment.  Deposits are non-refundable.