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Eyelash Extension


Training Classes for Atomic Lash


Classic Lash Extensions


3 Days Total

6 hrs. of training each day

9am -4 pm (lunch break at 12pm -1pm)

Class Price: $1400

Classes can be reserved with a 50% deposit ($700), the balance ($700) due on start date.

Student is provided a Classic Lash Extension Training Kit and an Atomic Lash Eyelash Extension Training manual.


Day 1:


  • Perform on doll head

  • Familiarize with kit:  tweezers, nano-mister, primer, makeup remover, jade-stone, glue, tape etc.

  • Learn: Taping and shielding bottom lashes.

  • Sanitization and proper set up of workspace.

  • Study and learn B, C, D, and J curls- know the differences between them as well and length and widths of lashes, their use and why to choose them.

  • Consultation of Client, Lash paperwork and client release forms.

  • Apply lashes to strip on doll head test with trainer.

  • Trainer checking for picking up lashes, proper amount of glue being used, sanitation, isolation, consultation of Lash length and curl.

  • Theory book notes and preparation for theory test.


Day 2:


  • Trainee is required to bring at least one model for second half of day 2

  • Performance of NATURAL and BABY DOLL must be applied to at least one model/doll head.

  • Eye Lash removal training

  • Trainees will start being timed and should be able to achieve a classic full set of NATURAL EYE on a model by 2 hours maximum

  • Performance of a CAT EYE AND OPEN EYE must be applied to at least one model/doll head


Day 3:



  • Full Theory test 35-50 questions-multiple choice.

  •  Full model test from start to finish checking paperwork, proper consultation, set up, glue application, eye shields, taping, sanitation, Time management in a 2hr. period

  • A requirement of 2 model applications 11am-4pm (lunch break 12-1)

  • End of course- Certification of Completion of Classic Lash Extension will be presented at that time

  • Required 4 models one of each application learned shall be photographed and sent to Trainers email for complete Classic Lash Certificate to be granted. 



  • Completion of this course and certification is not a guarantee of job placement and Atomic Lash reserves the right to select trainee(s) if there is an opening and trainee will blend seamlessly into the Atomic Lash Dolls environment.  Deposits are non-refundable.